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    Default Identifying a Swiss Made 17 Jewels Watch

    I am trying to identify 2 pocketwatches, the other is in the american section.

    The Serial Number is on the casing is 398495

    Inside the casing at the back there is a number 9 at the top with an anchor on the left and a C on the right. Below it says 375 and below that ALD. It has 235514 lightly hand engraved into it.

    Was given for long service in 1928 by William Gossage & Sons LTD
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    Smile Re: Identifying a Swiss Made 17 Jewels Watch (By: jaz9090)

    Hi jaz9090:

    Welcome to the NAWCC European & Other Pocket Watches Message Board!

    I can't say very much about the movement, other than that, with its patent pocket watch regulator, it appears to be of a good, medium grade. Perhaps one of the real experts here can be more specific about it.

    The watch case, which is a demi-hunter, is 9K gold, made by the Dennison Watch Case Co.

    Good luck,
    That guy down in Georgia

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    Default Re: Identifying a Swiss Made 17 Jewels Watch (By: Kent)

    Cool, my Grandma has 2, the other one is here http://mb.nawcc.org/showthread.php?p=608494 it doesn't run, this above one does but without glass - I am going to get that replace. She asked me to find out about them and which one is worth more (if either are worth more than the raw materials), don't suppose you have an idea, I posted this on the other too?

    All very interesting, thanks.

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    Smile Re: Identifying a Swiss Made 17 Jewels Watch (By: jaz9090)


    I'm sorry to say that as it is noted near the top of this page, just below the top menu bar, "No Appraisals." However, knowing the proper description of your watch (which hopefully some others can provide for the movement) you should be able to use a Google Search to find similar watches offered by internet dealers, or on eBay, and see what they are selling for. Alternately, check the value in the Complete Price Guide to Watches, No 27, C. Shugart, T. Engle and R. Gilbert, Tinderbox Press, Mount Pleasant, SC, 2007. A new edition comes out each year in January or February, so ask for the latest edition. The book is available at libraries, at most major booksellers and online at the NAWCC Gift Shop (ask about the current edition). Condition matters! Also, a solid gold case instead of a nickel or gold-filled case will make a difference as well.

    Good luck,
    That guy down in Georgia

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    Default Re: Identifying a Swiss Made 17 Jewels Watch (By: Kent)

    Sorry my apologies!! Well all info people have about the watch would be great thanks

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    Default Re: Identifying a Swiss Made 17 Jewels Watch (By: jaz9090)

    Well, about all I can tell you is that the movement ("the works") of your watch appears to be a product of the Thommen watch factory, located in the Swiss town of Waldenburg. Thommen supplied watch movements to other companies, and also sold watches under their own brand, Revue-Thommen.

    The firm was founded way back in 1853 by Gedeon Thommen, and they were still in business the last time I looked them up on Google. However they sold off the watch business a while back, and now make such things as precision aircraft instruments, etc. The watch business was taken over by a company called "Grovana" and the last I heard they were making watches under the Revue-Thommen name. If you want to know more about these companies, a Google search should lead you to more information.

    Here in the U.S. the Thommen name is not very well-known. However, at one time they supplied many movements that were sold here under the Wittnauer brand.

    I get the impression that they were popular in the U.K., but again, many were sold under other brands than Revue-Thommen. Even Rolex, who didn't make their own standard pocket watch movements, bought movements from Thommen and finished them themselves. Your watch appears to be unbranded. A search here on this message board for Thommen should turn up previous threads on Thommen watches, including those made for the U.K. market.

    Larry Treiman

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