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    Talking Waltham Pocket Watch estimate value


    I came across your site while trying to put the pieces together regarding a pocket watch I've had for many years, and just began researching.

    Here are the details:

    Philadelphia Watch Case Company 8568522 (surrounding a crown); further inside: Guaranteed 20 years with a flag that says "Excelsior" on it.

    American Waltham U.S.A. 15 Jewels serial number: 13869452

    Start: End:
    First: 13868301 Last: 13870050
    Model: 1897 Name:
    Material: U Grade: No. 418,
    Size: 14 Size: 14
    Plate: Plate:
    Jewelling: Jewels: 15
    Balance: Bal: Breguet Spring
    Style: HC Style: Htg.

    Any ideas on how much it is worth? The watch is not working at this time, but looks as if it can with the right TLC.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. I can get the information, but I have no idea what this all means. Gold plated or filled? I'm totally confused about the case and the watch being separate.

    Thank you for your help!!!


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    Default Re: Waltham Pocket Watch estimate value (By: Gategoddess66)

    When you registered you were asked to read the message board rules and check off that you did, one of the main rules is that we as a 501c org, can't give appraisals or values of watches.
    Now that that issue is understood, I can tell you that your watch and case are mostly of sentimental value to collectors.
    I know that in today's world whenever you register for a web site you are asked to agree to the rules and very few people actually read the rules before checking the box that says they have done this.

    It is no big deal and you can take comfort that 90% of the people who register with us miss this rule.

    Some members will post to your question and give you great information on your watch.
    Jim Haney

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    Unhappy Re: Waltham Pocket Watch estimate value (By: Jim Haney)

    Hi there,

    Ack! Sorry! I was just trying to find out what this was. (yes, I did read that, and some strange force came over me and senility set in from the time I agreed to the time I wrote the email)

    Please accept my apologies!!!


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    Default Re: Waltham Pocket Watch estimate value (By: Gategoddess66)

    The "Guaranteed 20 years" tells you that the case is gold filled. The longer the years, the thicker the gold layer. The government eventually stopped this kind of label because there was nothing to back it up other than a 30 year case had more gold than a 20 years case from a particular company.

    Model 1897 is the date this model of movement was designed. Your watch dates from about 1905. 14 size is a rather small watch for this time. Most men were wearing 18 and 16 size watches, but 14 size and smaller became popular in the 1920s. Sometimes a small watch suggests a boy's watch, but some men preferred smaller watches.

    15 jewels was a medium grade movement. It was unadjusted for keeping good time over different positions.

    If you want to find value, watch the auctions on Ebay for similar watches. Search "waltham 1897" or "waltham 14 size". Remember condition matters. Brass showing on case or dials with cracks, chips or hairlines reduce value.


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