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    Default Identifying a Buren wrist watch

    I am a complete novice when it comes to watches so I turn to this forum for help. I was given a Buren wrist watch as a gift and would like to identify it: What model/series is it? When was it manufactured?
    The only info I have to go on is a serial number on the back: 1232.21.0. I also attach pictures of the front and back. Thankful for any help.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails buren1.jpg   buren2.jpg  

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    Default Re: Identifying a Buren wrist watch (By: freebee)

    Buren is a watch company founded @ 1842 in Switzerland. I've seen several british WW2 MOD issue still on the arms of their WW2 wearers!

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    Default Re: Identifying a Buren wrist watch (By: Kav)

    Thank you Kav,

    I am somewhat up to speed on the Buren history. However, I need help to identify this specific watch (pics posted and serial number provided). It was purchased in a shop in South Africa about two years ago, supposedly brand new, which is somewhat of a mystery. Either, it has been lying around unsold and unused since the Buren shut down production in the early 70s or it is a fake...

    Would really appreciate some help on this from all you connaisseurs out there.


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    Default Re: Identifying a Buren wrist watch (By: freebee)

    I'm afraid your pictures are too small and lacking in detail to be of much use in determining the authenticity of the watch. And we'd probably need to see the movement to make any real determination.
    Will McCown -- Rolling Hills Estates, CA

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    Default Re: Identifying a Buren wrist watch (By: flynwill)

    The original Buren Company was acquired by Hamilton in 1966, and seemingly ceased selling watches under their own name at that time.

    This online listing indicates that someone is currently producing Buren watches. I couldn't find (after a very cursory search) any indication of who is manufacturing them, or what rights they may hold to the name and trademarks.
    Cary Hurt

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    Default Re: Identifying a Buren wrist watch (By: Cary Hurt)

    Cary Hurt is correct in his 1966 date, Hamilton took over the Buren company specifically to acquire the Buren Micro Rotor automatic Patent which they used in their Thin o matics

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    Default Re: Identifying a Buren wrist watch (By: podge)

    In the retail jewelry business, it would not be uncommon to find NOS watches that were 20-30years old and unsold. I bought a slide rule bezel LeCoultre chronograph that was probably 20 years old at the time for $220. It was kind of weird because of the slide rule feature and nobody ever bought it.

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    Default Re: Identifying a Buren wrist watch (By: Dave Haynes)

    Hi, Buren watches is sold in all NWJ stores in South Africa. http://www.nwj.co.za. I bought one just last year - brand new.

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    Default Re: Identifying a Buren wrist watch (By: adamgill794)

    Do you suppose that whoever got the rights to the Hamilton name also got the Buren name? The Buren micro-rotor movement was also sold as a private label by H. A. Steele in Mexico; I have one marked Haste on the dial.

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