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    Default Antique Majestic Pocket Watch

    Hi Folks,
    I have recently aquired an Antique Majestic pocket Watch(Swiss Made)17 jewel and am looking for some information on it.

    The serial # is 593402 and it appears to be all brass.
    The case # is 713333 Fanys-Monach.
    3 adjustment

    Any information on this that somebody may give me is most appreciated.

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    Default Antique Majestic Pocket Watch (By: backintime64)

    I made an error with my id# on my amtique majestic watch...

    The serial # is 59302 and the case # is 713333 Fanys-Monach

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    Arrow Re: Antique Majestic Pocket Watch (By: backintime64)

    Hi backintime and welcome to the NAWCC message board! Being that your watch is of Swiss origin I am goingto go ahead and redirect your thread over the the Euro Forum for appropriate response...


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    Default Re: Antique Majestic Pocket Watch (By: Bryan Eyring)

    "Majestic" was a name used on some of the many watch movements imported by A. Wittnauer of New York (they also had a branch in Montreal) and often cased here in the USA. I believe Majestic might have been a house brand or private label of A. Wittnauer. If memory serves, I think that I saw a Majestic watch that might have been made by the Swiss firm of G. Thommen of Waldenburg (it has been a while). They provided Wittnauer with many of the movements sold under the Wittnauer name.

    We would need to see a photo of the movement of your watch to possibly identify it with more certainty.

    Larry Treiman

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    Default Re: Antique Majestic Pocket Watch (By: Larry Treiman)

    I have a Majestic watch and under the dial it is marked Wittnauer.
    One clock at a time. Kevin West

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    Default Re: Antique Majestic Pocket Watch (By: Kevin W.)

    According to Pritchardís Swiss Timepiece Makers Majestic were brand names of Wittnauer, Gruen and Thommen

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    Smile Re: Antique Majestic Pocket Watch (By: kurtnz)

    Hi backintime64:

    Welcome to the NAWCC American Pocket Watch Message Board!

    While we're waiting for pictures of your watch, the watch case was made by Joseph Fahys & Co.
    That guy down in Georgia

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